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 The Dainty Frog Bowtique

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We are so excited to announce our Boutique Pre-Orders!!! Make sure to join our Facebook group: TDFB Boutique Fashion Group for all the latest info and to insure to catch your slot in ordering some pretty awesome stuff!!! We will be featuring Ladies and Children’s boutique style clothing.

Want a monogram added? Monograms can be added for an additional $3 fee per garmet.

*Monograms are heat transfer and come in the best coordinating color according to the garmet*

This group is for our Pre-Order sales! You are here because you want to get in on the latest scoop and place your mark on the new items coming in!

❓How does this group work?

1️⃣ We will post the upcoming items.

2️⃣ We will list the number we must reach in order to place the order for said item.

3️⃣ Once we have reached our magic number, you will receive an invoice for your purchase.

4️⃣ Every item must be prepaid. Once all pre-orders have been paid for, our order will be placed.

5️⃣ Once the order has come in, you will get notification that your order has shipped and We will send you the purchased item.

❓ What do we have to do to get in on this?

⬇️ drop your ? email in the chat on the item you are wanting, along with your requested size. If you want to add a monogram, also note it here. (first initial, last initial, middle initial aBc)

? Pay for your invoice immediately when it has been received.

⏱ Wait for orders to be processed and items to be received and shipped to you.

⏪ Check back for updates on shipping. Since orders are processed through Paypal, you will receive a shipping notification once your items have made their way out the door! ?

Celebrate and enjoy your new swag!! 

*shipping is extra – $5 flat fee

Purchases over $75 have free!

Any other questions? Please let me know!


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